S02E04 - Underdog Bands - Apr 2014

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  • Song Name: S02E04 - Underdog Bands - Apr 2014
  • Artist: Really Radio
  • Album: Really Radio

In the 4th instalment of series 2 the brehs discuss bands that shouldn't have made it and music that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. With a Firey Freestyle by MC #ashtag Aka Chip Chocolate on a badass garage beat.

Elbow - Scattered Black And Whites
Staff Benda Billili - Je t’aime
Lamb - Lusty
Willy McGee - Trepid Stars
Mutemath - Prytania
Catalunia Boys Choir - Meow
Price Rapid - Prince (Instrumental)
Tenacious D - Roadie
Oceansize - Catalyst

De La Soul - AoL Instrumentals