S01E03 - Genres - March 2013

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  • Song Name: S01E03 - Genres - Mar 2013
  • Artist: Really Radio
  • Album: Really Radio Season 1

This month we are joined by DJ Gavin Kendrick to discuss subdividing our favourite music into specific genres, the cultural microgenres that they cast and the ever-changing landcape of future music.

Retrograde - James Blake
Machinegun - Portishead
Carlos NiƱo & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Fall in Love
The Streets - Trust me
Iambic 9 Poetry - Squarepusher
That's Why - Children of the future age
Waste Cadet - Captain Backfire
Default - Atoms for Peace
Bhimpalasi - Ravi Shankar
I'd like to touch a star - The Leder Brothers

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